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Pledging to Write More

Written on 05/18/2020 by Theo

For a long time now, I've wanted to write more but haven't been able to push myself to do it. I've done some reflection in the past few days and here's why I think that is + what I'm doing to fix it.

I think the reason I've been hesitant to write more is that I'm just not that good at expressing myself in writing. Writing essays (school or elsewhere), proposals, thoughts, etc. has always taken me hours, and I've always just said "well, I'm just bad at writing—better go back to doing something else".

As part of my work at Hack Club, I've been doing more writing than usual, and I've already seen a dramatic improvement in the speed and way in I express myself—which is awesome.

I think the best way to continue getting better is to write more & about many different topics, so that's what I'll be using this blog for. 🙂

Right now, I'm setting my goal as writing three posts per week, likely on Monday, Wednesday & Friday. I'm particularly excited about these topics:

Anyway, thanks for reading & I'm excited to write here. See you soon!