👋 I'm Theo, nice to meet you!

TL;DR: I'm Theo, a 16-year-old hacker. I currently work for Hack Club, the largest network of technically talented teenagers in the world, wearing many hats. Previously I started a non-profit called StuTech Grants, giving out $200 to ambitious high school students.

When I was 11, I wanted to learn how to make a Minecraft mod, so I learned how to code. I really enjoyed it, so I kept going. Eventually I got bored of building for Minecraft, so I learned Node.js and built Discord bots + small web apps using Express.

In 8th grade, I went to my first hackathon and it completely changed my life—I discovered a community of people my age that liked technology and problem-solving. Shortly after attending that event, I started StuTech.

StuTech was a non-profit that gave out $200 grants to high school students trying to start something. I learned a lot from this—how to write cold-emails, how difficult getting users is (as Zach said to me once, "you were literally giving money away and people weren't coming"), and how to manage relationships.

We gave out $200 to 3 people. 2/3 grants made a substantial difference to the projects they were given to. I've stopped working on it because I felt that I came up with a half-assed solution to a much larger problem, which is identifying, encouraging, and assisting really ambitious young people. If you think you have novel ideas in this vein, please start something.

During the summer before 9th grade, I found and joined the Hack Club community. I've met some of my best friends there, and it really kicked off my hackathon organizing addiction.

Right now, I work for Hack Club wearing a variety of hats, currently mainly software dev, community, and outreach. Until late-March, I worked on Hack Club Bank, where I helped us scale from ~$200k in transactions to $1.5mm in transactions and shipped some major features (namely: Checks and ACH + Donations). I also will be organizing MAHacks and Westborough Hacks once COVID-19 is no longer a global threat to humanity.

I care a lot about getting young folks involved in tech and writing lots of code.

If you've read to here, thank you for indulging me! I'd probably love to meet you, check out my standing invitation.